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Hayden Orpheum Cremorne, Sydney

Hayden Orpheum Cremorne

In December 1986, Mike Walsh bought the historic Cremorne Orpheum under his company Hayden Theatre Pty. Ltd, initially spending $2.5 million on its restoration. From his passionate love of the cinema experience, extraordinary care and expense has gone into each of the six cinemas. The main Cinema, the Orpheum, dates back to 1935 when it was the dress circle of the original theatre.

The Hayden Cremorne Orpheum is located at 380 Military Road, in Cremorne NSW. You can reach them at (02) 9908 4344 and view the website at orpheum.com.au.

Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne

The Maj

Her Majesty's Theatre, The Maj, is an Australian icon and the most commercially successful theatre in the history of Australia. No other theatre has done more to foster the development of the major theatrical art forms. Ballet, opera and musical theatre can all trace their origins to The Maj.

In the early 1980's, Her Majesty's Theatre was under a threat of demolition. It was saved through the efforts of unions and members of the theatre community, which led to a listing by Heritage Victoria and The National Trust in 1986. It was clear, however, that the theatre needed repair and renewal to effectively bring her into the next century.

Mike Walsh O.B.E purchased Her Majesty's Theatre in 2000 and immediately began the vitally needed upgrade, leading to the re-opening of the theatre in May 2002.

The Maj is located on 219 Exhibition Street in Melbourne, VIC and you can phone them at (03) 8643 3300. The website can be found at hermajestystheatre.com.au



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